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Cortney - @simplycourtneyblog

Canada, BC

Wellness coach & author

I met Daniela personally just a few weeks ago and this woman BLEW my mind. She not only got fit, but she had such a fire that she worked her way to the top of her field in the Czech Republic. Then...this #bossbabe decides to move to Canada, learns English, becomes a successful wellness coach, and then writes a FREAKING BOOK in a different language than her native tongue. Oh yeah - and she started her own local business. Of course I bought this book. Of course its amazing. No - this is not sponsored, I just love stories of people who are totally unstoppable and get things done. Change Your Body, Mind and Life, Daniela Gjurisic shows you how to do it all. To top it off she is a total sweetheart. Check it out.

Kimerly Comis Ellis,

Canada, BC

Fitness coach

Daniela, I remember when you were working as a fitness trainer at Steve Nash and could speak very little English. I thought to myself, if this woman is here with no English, but hired for her skills, then she must be very good. Turned out Daniela was the best fitness coach of the entire company! And your skills go beyond fitness and wellness! I have never seen such dedication.

Having known you for many years now I know that what you say is true and possible. Our realities and lives may vary greatly, but our ability to get unstuck from old ways and reach our full, happiest potential is well within reach. You are simply a bright star in the sky, with the rare gift of enlightening and motivating those who come into your light. Best wishes and happy coaching!

Pat Munton,

Delta, Canada, BC

Fitness and nutrition

I met Daniela in March of 2012 while working out at Steve Nash Fitness World.

I have a number of health issues that make it difficult to do many of the exercises and use many of the machines. Most of these involve heart, lung and arthritis issues so when I worked with a trainer previously, I was given exercises that I either could do or couldn’t do, there wasn’t any adjustments to make them work for me. That is not the case with Daniela; she takes the time and tries various small changes always considering which muscles are being worked, resulting in workouts that I thought impossible previously.

Daniela has been amazing! Not only has she tailored each exercise to the requirements of and limitations to my body, but she has made going to the gym and working out fun and something that I look forward to. Her attitude, her knowledge and her professionalism make for a great combination. She has not only helped me immensely with my stamina and flexibility but has been a great help in getting me back on track for my nutrition too. The results – I haven’t felt this good in years!

I can’t say enough good things about Daniela! If you would like any further information, I would be more than happy to speak with you directly. I may be contacted at 604-868-0607.

Richard Hoy,

Vancouver, Canada, BC

Wellness coach, personal trainer and massage therapist

Daniela Gjurisic has been my wellness coach, personal trainer and massage therapist for the better part of three months during which time she has helped me with my overall conditioning including, core, flexibility, cardio, strength, and stamina.

Her approach is unique compared to that from that other coaches that I have enjoyed in the past with the main difference being much more tailored to my specific needs and requirements.

I found her to be dependable, reliable, conscientious, and passionate about achieving the best possible results in terms of my personal health and well being.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the number below if you should require further details or personal confirmation.

+1 (604) 899-0740



Prague, Czech Republic

Wellness coach

Maybe the beginning of the story will touch something inside you and remind you of yourself? Just common case, by metrics of other successful young lady, with interesting and challenging job, travelling around word, having above average life status, just maybe working a bit too much. So what might go wrong? Everything in my case, few month ago with the same timing of split with my boyfriend, problems with work, new boss. Just total collapse, lot of crying, pills, nights without sleep, lots of physical activities in order to get so tired to stop thinking for a while. And finally when I did not feel anymore (or maybe did not have enough left over energy to keep my mask) as a strong everything managing lady I found out how many people in my surrounding are dealing or dealt with the same. The same questions – why all this is happening to me when I am working so hard? How o change it? Is it a destiny? How to support myself on my own by things that I was expecting to get from others? The first books, advices I cannot now recall where I got the from. But in case of Daniela I do remember it. One small article in some magazine (just web pages, no detailed info). Somehow I considered it very interesting and put it aside. Time went on and it was laying somewhere in my drawer. But when I again asked some of previously mentioned questions and were not really in good shape and mood was searching for something completely else and suddenly that article touched my eyes and I knew I need to contact her. In next minute web search, in few mores email was sent saying something like “ I do not know what I want, I even do not know what to expect but writing”. Additional few minutes passed and I got reply, next day the first talk. And in that way Daniela became my teacher, my coach, my fellow on my development path, in discovering the basic truth and rules of the life. It did not change form hour to hour, it happened slowly and surely. There were moments when I was keeping asking myself and Daniela “ Why all the bad things are happening me again and again (now I nearly start laughing because now I would without thinking write why I am attracting the same things into my life not happening:-) and repeating answer of Daniela (which honestly drove me crazy ) “because life wanted to show you something, do you know what it might be?”. She forced me to step out and look on my life from independent overview, all the time knowing how to keep me on track, when push and when pull and when kick:-) And I was trying, sometimes I was furious at her as a small baby without toy....I remember quite recently crying that nothing will ever change and wanted to give up..but somehow she managed to keep me going...and today...something change...even without fully understanding everything (also quite a big lessons learned in my life that you do not have to understand and plan everything just to live each minute and be positive) I passed the first step..and I am on my way on the staircase to next challenges...and I am sure if I will keep studying I can attract anything that I want into my life....I recommend this way to everybody and I am not going to pretend and advertise that it is easy but Daniela is the best, the most patient and prepared coach you might get for this journey. And even-though you might find that her advices drives you crazy in the beginning (and even later on:-), it is because she touches something very sensitive in yourself, putting a mirror in front of you. It is ONLY your choice if you want to change something in your life or even better to actively create your life. And believe me if you were patient and curious enough to read all of this believe me you WANT and get to the point you MIGHT change something because without this you would be doing something else and not reading this webpages.

selection from companies:

Wellness/Business coaching

Energetická skupina RWE - Czech



GREEN Center s.r.o. - Czech

HERVIS, s.r.o. - Czech


Junior maraton, Maraton, Ironmann - Austria, Hungary

Company models, Czech

selection from Czech/EU clients:

Wellness coaching

Ivana Chýlková - actor

Jana Krausová -actor

MgA. Michal Hrubý - theater producer Studio DVA, Prague

MgA. Alžběta Steinerová - Executive director Studio DVA, Prague

Jana Porubská - Skijöring World Championship

Martin Glaser – MTB racer

Mr. and Mrs.Valenza – petanque

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