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My Story

When I was 20 years old, I was overweight and led a bad lifestyle. I suffered from major health problems which doctors couldn’t help me with. One day I told myself that enough was enough, and that if the doctors couldn’t heal me, then I would change and heal myself. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

I started from scratch to rebuild my lifestyle and seek the best life path. I looked for help in natural medicine, healthy nutrition and exercise. I was also inspired by You Can Heal Your Life, a book by Louise Hay, which helped to change my way of thinking.

Honestly, thanks to this experience, I know what it feels like to win! And this feeling is my indicator on the compass. Since that time I have known and felt the right direction forever. I just feel in my bones, in my stomach if I'm on track or if I lost my way.

Step by step I began sharing my experience with others, in order to help them live healthy, happy and successful lives. I had a strong feeling that it was right to share and teach more and more everything I had learned.

I attended various schools and studied everything I could on nutrition therapy, sports, fitness, wellness, massage therapy, psychology, metaphysics, Reiki, etc. I worked with natural healers and studied the human body, mind, soul, spirit, herbs, energy healing, as well as exercise and diet. In 2002 I left my job as a real estate broker and became a personal fitness trainer and nutritional therapist and began the first phase of my new profession – teaching people to change their lifestyle, body, mind, and life.

A few years later …

I attended university and earned a bachelor’s degree in sport and fitness and other Wellness and Nutrition specialist diplomas. Based on my knowledge and my own (and my clients’) experiences, I developed a program called Training of body and mind, which involved 10 steps and taught one of the possible ways to create wellness in body, mind, and spirit. My clientele grew. My clients included celebrities, actors, politicians, businessmen, students, and even entire families. Other experts, such as educators and radio and television journalists, became interested in my program. In 2006, I started teaching at The Academy of Physical Education and Sport PALESTRA, college ltd in 2009, I became a co-founder and vice-president of the Alliance of Nutritionists of the Czech Republic. In 2012, I published a book in the Czech language called Získejte rovnováhu těla, mysli, duše i ducha (Get balance of body, mind, soul and spirit). At this time I began to focus mainly on wellness coaching.

I knew and still know that my work in this world is teaching to create wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

NOTE: I am sure that the entire universe supports our every intention and also shows us the right path to fulfill our mission in life.

My story continues …

Since my teenage years, and even earlier, I dreamt of leaving the Czech Republic, traveling, and working abroad. I wanted to share and teach my experience with people all over the world. My call after this dream was so strong and that is why in June 2010 I left my family, my clients, and my great career behind in the Czech Republic and moved to British Columbia, Canada.

I left with minimal knowledge of English. I thought I would spend a couple of years learning English and perhaps working as a housekeeper, but things went differently. After only four months I got a job at a well-known fitness and wellness company in Vancouver, and despite little knowledge of English I quickly became a busy coach.

I still live and work in Canada, side by side with a wonderful man and amazing two daughters and one dog. I run my own coaching/Therapist/healing practice, and thanks to the Internet I also work with clients from all over the world.


Since I live in Canada, I expanded my education and practice with other important techniques. I would say a GAME-CHANGERs that speeds up and improves my entire coaching. Methods that help to remove blocks and achieve health and happiness even for those clients for whom I previously had no idea what to do and could not find a solution. In my current practice, the most important and dominant one is Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), and the second is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).


And so, believe me, I’m not done with my dreams yet. My list is full!

And what about you? What is your story? What is your list of dreams?

I told you my story so that you could understand how powerful the Training of body and mind is and how close you are to fulfil your dreams.

Now just say YES!

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